A Woman’s Perspectives on the Use of Male Condoms

Up until the last two or three decades, condoms have always been predominantly a masculine concern. Protecting the male person from unwanted pregnancies used to be the primary intention of putting on this device. But with the advent of feminism and female empowerment, condom usage is now viewed as the responsibility of both sexes and women have as much right and responsibility as any man to see to it that their partner puts on a condom for her protection.

With increased awareness on the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and the prevalence of AIDS, the practice of safe sex is longer a matter of preference, but of necessity and survival. And because condoms offer relatively cheap, convenient, and highly effective method of prevention, it plays a large part in the maintenance of healthy reproductive and sexual lives.

With a lot of options and product lines out there, it is hard to understand why some men would still prefer to expose themselves to health risks rather than use condoms. Manufacturers have given a lot of thought and resources in meeting every possible demand of consumers out there, such as the production of thin condoms for those seeking to experience enhanced sensitivity like the Trojan Ultra Thin, Durex Extra Sensitive and the Trojan Elexa Ultra Sensitive varieties. The Trojan brand is also selling thicker condoms like the Trojan Enz condoms. Condoms are also available in different sizes and shapes, such as the Trojan Magnum, which is the most popular large sized condom in the market today. For those seeking value-added features, like textured surfaces, flavors, scents, and colors, there are enough condom varieties to satisfy them all. Trying on the Durex Intense Sensation, the Trojan Ultra Ribbed, and the Trojan Twisted Pleasure might bring on memorable moments that would be cherished for a long time.

And speaking of enhanced pleasure, the Durex condoms and Trojan brands also has available lubricants best suited for the condoms they manufacture respectively.

Because of the availability of other contraceptives designed for the female body, women have been more than willing to do their share in protecting themselves. It would just be so nice to share a relationship, if not a brief connection, with someone willing to take up his own share of responsibility. Condoms do not emasculate you in women’s eyes, and neither do these devices compromise or cramp whatever style you might want to project.

When a man puts on a condom at his own initiative and without any prompting from his female sex partner, he sends across a message of responsibility and caution. This is good, especially if both of you are looking to build a healthy, loving relationship that would hopefully last for a long time. Needless to say, recklessness and headlong rush into sexual fulfillment without any thought on protection says much on the immature mentality of both participants.

Putting on a condom shows that you care. And even though it is not a guarantee of a man’s fidelity, it is concern enough to protect the physical well-being of your sex partners, as well as steering yourselves away from accidental pregnancies.

So is the use of condom selfish? Probably to some degree, since both partners consenting to use this protective device are looking out for their own protection. But it can also be a means of sharing. The use of condoms and other contraceptives lowers anxieties and reduces fears, making the sexual experience more fulfilling and pleasurable. In a woman’s point of view, the practice safe sex does not lower intimacy, it enhances it.

The #1 Law for Increasing A Woman’s Libido

Hopefully you realize this because today it seems like there is a drug for every thing.


If you are considering giving (or suggesting) your female partner a libido enhancing drug, then you need to take a deep breath right now, because I’m going to give you the “real truth”.

And that is a woman’s libido has 30,000 times more to do with the guy’s sexual value, than her natural ability to get turned on…

In simple terms, if she isn’t in the mood to have sex with you, giving her libido enhancing drugs/herbs will not solve this problem.

This is a “secret” that no one is telling you.

In fact, the scary truth is the billion dollar drug industry does not want you to figure this FACT out…

And it gets worse…

Because the reality…

The truth…

The brain-dead simple fact…

…is this:

If libido enhancing drugs actually solved the problem, then a monkey (who hasn’t bathed in 3 months) could give your female partner a libido enhancing drug and PRESTO she would get “turned on” and have sex with the monkey.

The reality is it doesn’t matter how turned on she gets, she will not have sex with a monkey (because the monkey has no sexual value to her).

So simple logic reveals that this applies to a husband (or boyfriend) who has no sexual value!

If she loves him that doesn’t mean that he will “magically” have sexual value.

Could you imagine going to a car dealer to look for a new car. You walk around on the car lot – looking around for your dream car…

You’re just browsing around, when all of sudden this car salesman introduces himself to you:

Kevin CarSalesman: Hi sir, do you see anything you like?
You: I see a few cars I like.
Kevin CarSalesman: So do you know what kind of car you like?
You: Of course!
Kevin CarSalesman: Do you like this one right here? (pointing to an old beat-up station wagon)
You: Not really. It just doesn’t do it for me.
Kevin CarSalesman: Why don’t you like it?
You: To be honest, I can’t really put it into words. I can tell you that I don’t want it.
Kevin CarSalesman: Why? It’s a great car. And I want you to buy it. (speaking in a sincere tone. And he actually appears to be a nice guy.)
You: No I’m sorry sir…
Kevin CarSalesman: Could you please buy it. Come on. Pleeeeeease…
You: I don’t want to…
Kevin CarSalesman: Well maybe something is wrong with you, because I have never had any trouble selling this car to people in the past… How about you take this herbal pill which should “make you normal” so that you can give me your money and buy this car…

Do you see the connection that is being made?

Because this is the exact same method some guys use when trying to have sex with their female partners.

This is pressure. It’s blaming. It’s not taking responsibility. It’s selfish. It’s a guy with no sexual value (obviously).

If you do not value the car, then you will not buy it.

It is not rocket science.

If a woman does not value a guy (personally), she will not want to be with him.

If a woman does not value a guy (sexually), she will not want to have sex with him.

Besides blaming her and not taken responsibility is done by Low Sexual Value Guys.

These guys are actually satisfied with pressuring her into sex using Gutless Guilt Tactics – when deep down inside their souls, they know she hasn’t been properly turned on.

She has been pressure-forced into having sex! (in other words, she ends up having sex but she didn’t physically want to!)

Instead of holding her hands down like a rapist, these Low Sexual Value Guys use their “minds” to hold her hands down…

But the expression on her face is the same!

This is a harsh reality.

Besides, Guilt Pressure-Tactics and Pill Suggestions actually make her feel horrible and unsexy! (and to me this is a “deadly horrible idea” for any guy trying to seduce his loving partner.)

[Seduce: The act of making her desire sex.]

Woman (talking to her friend): “Last night, Dave made me feel inadequate and miserable. After our conversation he made me feel completely unsexy. He was nice enough to let me know, that he has never experienced turning on women in the past, so it was my fault. After that, I became so turned on that we made love for hours!”

Actually: Conversations like that don’t take place.

The frightening truth is many guys take this approach, but it’s not necessarily their fault.

I’ll explain.

And no he is not a horrible beast who rapes women. Many guys are actually concerned with fixing things and they are willing to do whatever it takes. These guys are not intentionally trying to be selfish. In fact they do care about their female partners.

Let’s face it, not having the sex life you expect to have can be very frustrating, so of course trying to come up with a solution is the logical thing to do.

Because not every guy just rolls over without a fight.

Let’s face it:

Some guys just accept set-backs in life. (This is pathetic – in my opinion)
Some guys go on a quest for solutions, but do nothing. (This is even worse)
Some guys do the same ineffective things over and over. (This is pretty bad)
Some guys go on a quest for solutions, and nothing stops them from getting results. (This is great.)

With that said, I still do not believe that most guys are Scum Bags intentionally trying to make her sex life a living hell…Because if the sex was good in the beginning, how would you ever know that a CHANGE needs to be made?

If the sex was never that great at all, how would you ever know that you need to do THINGS a little differently – especially if you never had trouble turning on past lovers…

In fact, I can not tell you how many times I heard a guy say something like:

“She hasn’t been turned on and excited about sex in 3 years. Her sex drive has diminished and she doesn’t crave it anymore. There is something biologically (or hormonally) wrong with her.”

And then he’ll leave the relationship only for her to meet a new guy who kisses her gently a few times on the back until she explodes into a shaking orgasm.

And NO the guy didn’t use magic “voodoo” powers.

And YES this was the same woman.

And NO she didn’t empty a bottle of HerbalX500 into her mouth prior to the night of passion with Mr. New Guy…

Women like this are “seconds” away from a sexual explosion.

If you are a guy who wants more passion in your relationship, then increase your Sexual Value the right way.

Do not be the guy that monkies around with Pill Suggestion Tactics.

If she doesn’t want the beat up station wagon, no pill in the galaxy is going to “magically” install that desire in her.

Adult toys: boosting everyone’s pleasure

It is time we stopped hiding behind any norms of conduct which tell us that sex and matters related to sex are not adequate concerns of a refined, educated type of behavior. Such norms generally stop people from dealing with problems they face in their sexual relationships. Then where is the benefit we should obtain from these rules? These same standards get in the way of people who, at some point in time, decide that maybe an adult toys store is just what they need in order to prevail over a number of sexual frustrations they cannot solve in any other manner.

In this respect, adult toys are, more often than not, a reason of encouragement towards trying something new, something different. There are people who simply cannot extract satisfaction out of a regular sexual contact. Adult toys, in many cases, make them feel they have exited the strenuous sex routine they have lived in until that moment. So adult toys are basically employed to escape monotony.

Where is the fun if sex becomes monotony? This is what the array of adult toys displayed in an adult toys store seems to ask anyone searching for some particular product. Adult toys available in an online adult toys store can be combined in so many ways so as to keep monotony as far away as possible from sexual intercourse. Why treat sex with boredom? If sex is just another dull activity, then it is time you did something to get it out of the territory of tediousness and bring it on the realm of enthusiasm and excitement.

The entrance to such a territory may be very finely paved if you dare enter first an adult toys store, just to take a glimpse of the wide range of passion boosters – in the form of adult toys – available for purchase. An adult toys store will amaze you with the range of the sexual applicability adult toys actually have. An online adult toys store offers fairly ample details on this precise applicability of the adult toys it promotes.

What adult toys are there available for purchase in an adult toys store? First of all, vibrators and dildos are the adult toys to turn on and satisfy any woman. In the inventory of any adult toys store vibrators are the adult toys which are always needed. Whether you want to use such adult toys for vaginal or anal insertion, or just to stimulate the vulva or the clitoris, any adult toys store will supply a variety of vibrators to suit any of these above needs.

Also, an adult toys store will not fail to promote – and provide, if ordered – a wide series of lubricants which will enhance even more the satisfaction sex toys can provide. The variety of lubricants purchasable from an adult toys store includes even flavored ones which are just fit to eat during the heat of the sexual intercourse.

Moreover, an adult toys store supplies men with an ample assortment of toys – from love dolls to cock rings – to improve their erections and, supplementary, their resourcefulness in satisfying their partner. Anal toys – among which anal beads are the most popular – stimulate the ending nerves in the anus. If, at the same time, a woman takes care – of her partner takes care – that her clitoris is stimulated as well, the pleasure attained may just very well be unparalleled by anything tried previously.

The range of sex toys is ampler than this, of course, including even harnesses, sexy costumes, love swings, jewelry for the genitalia, and so on. The important thing lies, however, in the fact that you finally had the determination necessary to boost your sexual performances. Also, another noteworthy notion is that there is always room for more, including room for more pleasure. You cannot know the peaks of sheer satisfaction you can reach until you have tried a number of the opportunities offered by sex toys. There is nothing abnormal in wanting to simply make your sex life swing. Jazz it up with some of the possibilities you have after having ordered and received a sex toy (or more than one, for that matter) and you will most likely not feel any trace of regret.

The G-Spot and Sexuality

What is the G-spot?

The G-spot, like the clitoris, the vagina and the anus, is a part of every woman’s constellation of sex organs. It was named after the sex researcher, Ernst Grafenberg who first wrote about its erotic potential. In 1982, the paperback bestseller, The G-Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality, by Alice Kahn Ladas, Beverly Whipple and John Perry, brought the G-spot and female ejaculation into the national spotlight. Female ejaculators who read the book understood that ejaculation is normal, and women who didn’t ejaculate, became curious about it and wanted to learn.

The G-spot, also called the urethral sponge, is the tissue that wraps around the urethra and swells with fluid during sexual arousal. The urethra is the tube through which we urinate, and the vagina and the urethra run parallel to each other inside the body, like little train tracks that are very close together. As the spongy tissue around the urethra fills with fluid, the swelling pushes it into the vagina, and can be felt through the vaginal wall. When women ejaculates, it’s the clear, watery fluid that has collected in this tissue that leaves a wet mark on the sheets.

G-spot orgasms

If you have orgasms, you probably noticed different kinds. Sometimes they feel like a roar of sexual energy, sometimes like a ripple of satisfaction. G-spot orgasms are like another instrument in the big band of sexual response. There’s no one perfect G-spot orgasm technique.

Women describe their G-spot orgasms as deep, whole-body experiences. They can last longer and can be made up of more and longer contractions than other types of orgasm. Many women say their Gspot orgasms come after a number of little orgasms, when they are as turned on as they can get. Sometimes women discover this by surprise, when they happen to devote a little more time to sex. Some say Gspot orgasms are the most powerful they’ve ever had, and experience them as rolling waves of total sexual release.

G-spot myths and concerns

The very existence of the G-spot is a matter of debate among medical professionals, but it’s as real as the nose on your face according to thousands of women who experience G-spot orgasms and ejaculation as a part of their sexual response. A lot of hype has sprung up around this part of female sexuality. Some common myths concerning the G-spot are:

Myth: Only some women have a G-spot.

Fact: Every woman has the urethral sponge and, while some women consider it their number one erogenous zone, others don’t like how G-spot stimulation feels. Some women like other kinds of touch better, but just because a person doesn’t like to play with it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Myth: The G-spot is hard to find.

Fact: It doesn’t take advanced sexual knowledge to find someone’s Gspot – just a little time, some lube, your fingers and maybe a curved sex toy. Add your willingness to learn and a little instruction and you’re all set to discover a whole new set of sexual thrills.

Myth: The G-spot is my ticket to sexual bliss.

Fact: A lot of people do find that the G-spot is the key to a whole new sexual world, but it doesn’t work that way for everyone. Sexual exploration is joyful and exciting, but keeping your expectations reasonable and your sense of humour at the ready, will help you enjoy whatever the outcome of your sexual adventure may be.

Some say G-spot orgasms are the most powerful they’ve ever had, and experience them as rolling waves of total sexual release.

Myth: Is this really the case?

Fact: You’ll never know until you try. Some people find female ejaculation a huge turn-on because it’s a visible expression of sexual satisfaction.

Myth: If I don’t enjoy G-spot stimulation and I don’t ejaculate, I don’t have a complete sex life.

Fact: Not all women get satisfaction from G-spot sex. It’s true that all of the female sexual anatomy is basically the same, but that doesn’t take into account everything else that creates a person’s sexuality. If we each approach our sexuality with open curiosity and acceptance, we can find out what genuinely brings us satisfaction without feeling like we need to keep up with the Joneses.