G Spot and Sexual Position (part 2)

We have both ends of the spectrum here – couples who devote the entire weekend trying to find the elusive G Spot; then we have females who are all upset because they think they pee’d the bed during sex, and are so embarrassed they are reluctant to get into sex again for fear they flood the bedroom!

• Alphabet Position – If your partner is more comfortable with the missionary position, but she is still having trouble reaching orgasm, then this position may help. Again, she should be lying on her back, preferably on the floor or a large comfortable bed.

You’ll spread out across her on your side, perpendicularly so that the two of you resemble a lowercase “T.” Place her legs over your body or have one of them hanging off the bed, whichever is most comfortable, and slide your penis inside of her. At the same time you penetrate her, begin using your finger to gently massage her clitoris. Try to mimic the intensity of penetration with your clitoral stimulation. For example, if you’re doing a slow grind, use slow circular motions to stimulate the clitoris.

• Missionary Position 3 – This is a variation of the second missionary position which allows for even deeper penetration and gives you an angle more appropriate for clitoral stimulation. Again, your partner lies on her back on the bed. You’ll be kneeling above her, but at a slight angle. Take her legs and put both of them over one of your shoulders. Make sure you remain at that slight angle during penetration as well.

• Missionary Position 4 – This missionary position works by keeping the two of you closely connected so each thrust is more likely to stimulate its desired target. Of course, your partner lies on her back and you straddle her body. After you are inside her, she needs to pull her legs tightly together and you’ll need to wrap your ankles around her lower legs. While in this position, you’ll continue thrusting into her. If she seems uncomfortable, you may want to use lessen the depth of each thrust. Remember discomfort of any kind will interfere with your partner’s orgasm.

• Missionary Position 5 – While this technique may not technically be an example of the missionary position, this is the best classification I could determine. This time your partner lies on the bed or floor with you kneeling above her. Now take her legs and raise them up, so you are holding her calves in the crook of your arm. Her butt should now be lifted off the bed and her vagina should be in line with your penis, so penetration will be easier. If it makes her more comfortable, you could slide some soft pillows under her lower back. In this position, each time you thrust into her, you are also pulling her body against yours so each penetration is deeper and more intense. Because of the angle of the penetration, you are also more likely to stimulate either her clitoris or her G-spot which should bring her to orgasm.

• Woman on Top Position 1 – One of the best positions for female orgasm is with her on top usually because she has more control over the stimulation her body is receiving. For this technique, you’ll need to be flat on the bed with a pillow under your butt so you’ll provide a good arch for her grinding motions. She should straddle your body and should be facing you. While she’s on top, resist the urge to begin thrusting into her. Instead, use your thumb or index finger to massage her clitoris. Try to match the intensity of your massaging with the intensity of her movements. Remember the harder she’s riding you, the closer she’s getting to climaxing.

• Woman on Top Position 2 – Another variation of the standard woman on top position gives your partner even more control over your penetration and over her own climax while also increasing your pleasure as well. Again, you must lie on the bed. Your partner is, of course, on top but she does not straddle your body. Instead, she squats above you. With your penis inside her, she moves her body up and down using her legs. The tightened muscles in her pelvic area mean you’ll have a more pleasing sensation, plus the up and down motion will provide her with more effective clitoral stimulation.

• Woman on Top Position 3 – This is another intense variation you should try with your partner. Again, you’ll be lying on your back. This time she will be straddling your body. Once you’re inside her, gently place your hands on her hips and direct her movements slowly. You want to move her body in the shape of a wide diamond. After she gets the idea of what you want, she can take over herself if she wants or can let you continue to steer the ship. This technique means that your penis is going to come in contact with every side of her vagina and that means you should be stimulating the areas necessary to bring her to orgasm.

• Woman on Top Position 4 – Even with the variations we’ve mentioned above, the woman on top position can become a little boring if it’s overused. This variation should provide your partner with even more orgasm potential, if done correctly. After you stretch out on the bed, raise either of your knees and keep the other stretched out. When your partner gets into position, she’s not going to be facing you. This time she should be at angle, so that she is actually looking past your upraised knee. As she’s riding you, she should be able to use your leg for leverage so its easier for her to move in any way that gives her the most pleasure – up and down, back and forth, circular, etc. Plus, if she leans back enough, your leg will be rubbing against her clitoris and should provide the extra stimulation she needs to climax.

New peaks are being conquered behind sheets: sextoys!

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Free pictures of ladyboys – is that a lady or a boy?

We are by nature judgmental. We tend to appreciate others from our personal point of view and always give them a critical eye. Still, there is one place where no one gets to be put on trial (so to say) and you certainly know that it is the Internet we are talking about. No matter your sexual orientation, opinion on sexual liberty or transgender persons, you can find information about all that online and even more.

There are no limits to how far the Internet can take you when it comes to freedom of expression and as technology advances, we seem to see even more of subjects that were once considered taboos. You would not expect to find online pictures of ladyboys. Perhaps you don’t even know what a ladyboy is and why should you be interested to know. It is impossible not to have found out about transgendered persons, those who still maintain the male genitalia but have undergone necessary plastic surgery (and medical treatments) to look like women. They are without doubt persons who were unsure of their sexuality and they have finally discovered a way to express it through a way they think of as properly. For them, the Internet has allowed a new means for manifestation and this is why you can find so many galleries with free pictures online. If you are curious about what a kathoey (Thailand ladyboy) truly is, then you should not refrain from paying a visit to one of these websites and browse their extensive photographic collection, not to mention short movies.

If you are a regular user of the Internet technology, then you certainly know how the World Wide Web allows for various ways of expression and accumulation of knowledge from diverse environments. Regardless of the topic, you can find a wide diversity of information and plenty of pictures to discover how femininity can be turned around. Endless galleries await you with men dressed like women, with breasts that would surprise even the most gifted woman and bodies that certain ladies would die to have. They go through incredible trouble, suffer as much as it takes and they are a part of this world. They are there to satisfy the curiosity of those interested in such subjects and also because society (at least the one of Thailand) has learned to accept them as they are.

With long, short or medium hair dyed in various colors and well-built bodies, ladyboy pictures are there on the Internet. Dressed in daring outfits and trying to look as attractive as possible, these galleries will definitely create an impression on you. If you are the type attracted to new concepts and one-of-a-kind subjects, the one of kathoey will certainly have an impact on you. There are so many free pictures out there that it is impossible not to be.

Ladyboys or kathoeys represent no longer a taboo topic and one proof is the multitude of pictures that are available online. They have also been the subject of a lot of movies, many of which have been presented with the aid of the World Wide Web. If the Thai culture has learned how to embrace them and provide them with no judgment, then we should do the same. Interesting information, free pictures and freedom of expression… these are just three things that the Internet is very good at and you can certainly understand why there are so many galleries with ladyboys pictures. Asian transgendered, nude photographs, Thai kathoey and all the curiousness you could think of – that is what you will get when browsing these galleries!

Be better in bed in 10 steps!

Almost everyone sure wouldn’t mind being good in bed. But what does that mean, exactly? Is it a gift you’re born with or something anyone can learn? Does it boil down to technical skills or just a super-confident or sensual vibe? To find out, we asked single people to pinpoint what makes for an unforgettable night.
Here’s what truly makes a difference:
Shave. Women prefer shaved men because of the less problems caused by beard. Guys, you’re great without it!!! Weekend stubble might look sexy but it feels like sandpaper.
Kiss her where she’s not expecting it. Pay attention to ignored spots of her body. Touch the edge of her ears, hip bone, collarbone, back, and any scars she might have. Kissing her imperfections will make her feel beautiful, if you know something about them?! Usually, guys don’t have eyes to notice those things that make us, women, feel self-conscious. It’s great to be discovered this way and every woman have her favorite places to be kissed. You are invited to find those!
Cook for her. Prepare a dinner of finger foods or pasta sans fork. The combination of fingers and lips is unstoppable. This is not a must. You can improvise something you know she likes the best. Try food with aphrodisiac properties, something like strawberries, bananas, nuts, peaches, red meat, eggs,drink coffee, also red wine and beer, but moderately, because the effect is good only this way!
Watch romantic movies together. Women can play into the power of suggestion. Something like Unfaithful, Pretty Woman, Cruel Intentions, Meet Joe Black, and 9 1/2 Weeks.
You can try also listening to the music she likes the most. You can always count on a beautiful sound to feel relax and ready for love!
Take notes. Listen to what she does and doesn’t say, and most importantly, watch how her body reacts. This way you’ll be able to find what she wants and what she likes.The best lover is an attentive one.
Spoil her. Every girl secretly, or not so secretly, wants to be pampered and treated like a princess. Surprise her with a long massage using aphrodisiac massage oils and a night full of her favorite things. Women need attention and to be listen.Guys, make them happy and you’ll be happy too!
Go dancing. From time to time go out with her in a club and why not surprise her asking her for a dance when you are at a romantic dinner. If you’re not the best dancer, sway closely in the privacy of your own home. There you can be more closer to her, felling more confident and being just 2 of you!
Apply a little cologne. Remember, a little can go a long way. The just-out-of-the-shower smell or a small spray on your neck will drive her wild. There is no particular cologne or aftershave can make women go crazy. It’s important to be something fresh, marine, spiced or sweet all these in small doses.
Visit a lingerie store. Women want to wear what they know you like. Take the time to find out what she likes too. You have to know if she likes sport, romantic or very sexy lingerie.Surprise her buying something. If you don’t know how to pick the right one ask a woman to help you. You’ll always receive a good advice!
Help her fantasize. Initiate pillow talk with a little storytelling. Communication is the key to success, even when you’re in bed. If your girl is shy, tell her about some of your tamer fantasies. Then ask sexy questions to get her more comfortable.You have to relax a lot when it’s about confession in bed. Putting smiles on your faces is a good way to come true any fantasy!

Also, you may try some ideas like below:

Go ahead and get personal, be very intimate

Have a laugh

Stop obsessing about your flaws

Speak up if something is not working

Add some spontaneity

Don’t be too goal-oriented

Tap into your sensual side

Ask for feedback

Always try something new

Good luck to you all!!!

The author of this article :
Enache Vladian, an honest author, Dating Resources and Websites